Citizenship in the UK

Realia Family Office will help you and you family get investor’s visa / residence permit / citizenship in the UK. Our specialists will control and coordinate all specialists involved in a visa process such as lawyers, tax officers, and bankers, in order to ensure a minimum process duration terms and optimal results. Our experienced immigration specialist will help you and your family with obtaining a tourist and/or a business visa for your visit to the UK.


We are prepared to take care of your business management and your resindense in the UK and Switzerland. Our possibilities include:

  • companies registration in the UK, Channel Islands, off-shore jurisdictions,
  • provision of an official register address in the UK,
  • nominal director and stockholder services,
  • opening corporate bank accounts in the UK, Malta and Cyprus,
  • business aquisition,
  • trusts’ registration and support,
  • pre-IPO/IPO,
  • professionals’ services – accountants, lawyers, consultants,
  • partner-company’s condition check,
  • personnel hire,
  • office buildings’ rent/purchase/sale,
  • organising meetings with potential customers, trade partners and suppliers,
  • trade marks’ registration.



We perform a wide variety of services for investors and their families:

  • property buying, selling, renting, renovation,
  • issuing/prolongation of visas, leave to remain, citizenship,
  • children admission in schools and colleges,
  • property insurance,
  • household personnel hire,
  • solving domestic questions,
  • settling the issues with the state authorities in case of emergency situations,
  • organization of participation in significant events in London and Zurich clubs, fashion shows, golf-tournaments, theater and cinema first-nights with celebrities.


We have an exclusive access to the information about a property before it gets public and enters the market. Such ‘off-the-market’ access has become possible thanks to our connections on top business, political and aristocratic circles of Great Britain and Switzerland.

Our negotiation skills and many years of experience allows us to make the deals with a significant discount, approximately 5-10% lower than the market average.

Our services fee is 2%, including VAT. We provide private consulting for our clients, our approach excludes a conflict of interest between the buyer / lessee of the property and its owner.

We deliver an expert advice to real estate buyers from Russia, CIS, Middle East and South East Asia. We support our clients in finding the right property all the way till the move-in-day. Our properties portfolio includes only the most desirable hotspots.

Asset management


Realia Family Office collaborates closely with the global leading financial institutions and we are very well informed about their newest products and possibilities. Our clients are also experienced and knowlegeable as regards economical and political situations that influence considerably the capital markets and as a result, its material values and assets. These two factors combined enable us to get the best results.

We are delighted to accompany you on your way and support you with the professional advice in taking investment decisions.

Realia Family Office is an independent company, acting independently in taking investment decisions and does not take part in interests conflict.



The key objective for any investor is to get an optimal balance between return on investment and risks. We guarantee the maximum return of invested money by keeping the top standards of asset management: making the objectives clear, an in-depth analysis, the right and well-thought best strategy choice, proper control over the strategy’s execution. Together we elaborate the plan of your investment and carry it out on the highest professional level.

You allow us to manage your assets by signing a discretion order. We will assist you in taking decisions about the investment strategy and will take care about its tactical realisation. Together with our experts you define your strategy for years to come, as well as potential risks. We distribute the assets after that and keep you informed about assets development status.

Our reports are accurate and clear, they demonstrate the assets development and how your objectives are reached. All of your investments are under our control, we regularly monitor and analyze the status.



Our expert team is ready to carry out not only the asset management projects, but also other supporting tasks, from finance planning to personnel hire. We analyze your objectives first, prepare strategic plans after that and the bring the strategies to life. Among our services are:


  • inheritance planning,
  • finance planning,
  • assets structuring,
  • budget- and cash-flow management,
  • securities and personal account keeping,
  • consolidation and reporting, including Global Custody Solutions,
  • real estate management,
  • visas, leave to remain, European Union and Great Britain citizenship,
  • assistance with setting up business in the European Union and the United Kingdom,
  • personnel hire in the EU and the UK,
  • leisure time activities,
  • relocation support,
  • and many more.


The above mentioned services are offered not only to the Realia Family Office investors and their family members, but also to all of our clients. We are open to providing complex solutions to particular tasks as well as separate services upon request.



We offer our clients participation in London development projects, from investments into structured property funds managed by Realia Family Office to individual investment strategies adapted to their specific requirements.

We also consult about all the aspects of investment in London property market. Our team assists in choosing an investment object, structuring and making the deal according to the client’s objectives.


Group investments

“Safe Harbour II” is a closed investment fund, it invests into lower-class residential and commercial property objects in central London and its boroughs in oder to redevelop property into modern economy-class residential and commercial spaces.

The fund offers investors a unique opportunity to diversify investments into

5-10 projects.

Fund target size £50 mln.

Minimum investment from one investor £5 mln.

The fund subscription is open.

For more detail, please, contact us.


Individual investments

For the clients who prefer tailor-made solutions, we offer a range of investment strategies:


Short-term strategy, capital gains.

Investment in selected small-size residential propery projects in London and its boroughs.

Investment period is 12 to 24 months.

Investment amount is £2 mln. to £5 mln.

Profitability can vary from 12% to 25% depending on project’s type, investment method and risk level.


Medium term strategy, capital gains.

Investment intp selected medium-size residential and mixed property objects in London boroughs.

Investment period is 24 to 48 months.

Investment amount is £2 mln. to £5 mln.

Profitability can vary from 12% to 25% depending on project’s type, investment method and risk level. .


Long-term strategy, stable dividends.

Investment in selected commercial and residential property objects with existing money-flow in central London and its boroughs. An investor can rely on a stable yearly income and the prospect of capital value growth.

Investment period is 4 to 7 years.

Investment amount is £3 mln. to £20 mln.

The net annual dividend (including a bank loan) can vary from 5% to 8%, depending on the location and type of property.


Asset management

We offer our clients a range of strategic and operational management services, necessary to successfully carry out the business plan. Our asset management services include:

  • obtaining construction permissions
  • coordination of all development works
  • rental services
  • sales services
  • property management
  • account keeping
  • re-financing


We contract partner organisation for specific tasks.



  • Bringing important persons (leading politicians, businessmen, aristocrats) into the directors’ board of a company,
  • Structuring a company,
  • Finding a strategic investor.


  • Assistance with an official un-blocking of accounts with the banks in the UK and Switzerland,
  • Negotiations with banks and authorities in the UK and Switzerland,
  • Representing our clients in the courts.


  • Our considerable experience of collaboration with business, governmental and administrative circles of the United Kingdom,
  • Possibility to directly discuss business development in the UK with the key representatives of the British business and political elites.


  • Promotion in media,
  • Reports and comments on behalf of the company in media,
  • Media events,
  • Collaboration with the leading business journalists.


  • Organising road-show in the world’s financial centers,
  • Special events for clients, partners and investors.

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