Sergey Pechinin is the founder of the Realia group of companies, established in 2005. Its main goal is to organise effective co-operation with British business and the political elite. In 2020, as a result of a structural change in the company, it was transformed into Pechinin Government and Investors Relations Group, under which the Realia Family Office operates, retaining the original package of services.


The company provides exclusive communication at the highest political and
business level, and has long-term experience of working with HNWI. We open closed doors to provide significant assistance in matters related to doing business in the UK and Switzerland.
Wealth management services for a small number of private clients are the main area of our activity. We have been working with the world’s leading banks, investment companies, developers, legal and tax advisors for many years. This allows us to select precisely those financial products that meet the objectives of our clients.

Over the past three years, the company’s structures have invested about 50 million pounds in construction projects in London – Dulwich, Halfmoon, Elesium House, Kingston upon Thames, Woolwich Riverside and others. These projects were also produced by world-renowned British architects Tom Wright, designer of Burj al Arab, and Max Farrell, architect of MI 6.

The company provides financing for the largest projects in the UK capital through mezzanine lending, and also works directly with the London Urban Policy Committee.


The Company’s History:

2005 – Foundation of the Realia group of companies.

2012 – Acquisition of a building in the centre of Zurich (Switzerland) for redevelopment, investment -13 million francs.

2015 – Realia EM (Equity Management) been registered.

2015 – Joining the board of directors of the world-renowned paper The Art News Paper.

2016 – Ensuring fruitful co-operation with the auction houses Sotheby’s and Christies of the worldwide dot art domain.

2017 – Realia Family Office was founded with headquarters in London and a branch in Zurich.

2017 – Sergey Pechinin becomes a partner of Terrius Capital to provide clients with access to the financial markets of Europe and the United States.

2020 – GR consultations for the Embassy of Uzbekistan, provided direct contacts with key figures of the UK government and participation in the London Assemblies for City-planning Policy.


we open closed doors open to communication   

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